Welcome, Ambassadors!

Thank you for serving our Association as an Ambassador. Your task is simple: keep your fellow broker and office informed of the topics and resources provided by the REALTOR® Association of Sarasota and Manatee. Use the information on this page to support you with your RASM updates within your offices.

The 5 Ambassador Steps

  1. Set up a time to have a one-on-one meeting with your broker.
  2. Ask your broker “what is the biggest challenge you’re facing as a broker?”
  3. Communicate with your broker regarding the resources of the Association.
    1. Use the Member Services Guide and the resources on this web page: RASM calendar, downloadable items, etc.
  4. Ask your broker if they would be willing to allow you, as your office’s RASM Ambassador, to speak at broker office meetings.
  5. Provide your feedback following your broker meeting using the feedback form.

Monthly Calendar

Print the PDF here.

Downloads to Share

Use these downloads to display on screen at your office meetings!

Talking Points

What is the benefit of volunteering and being involved within the Association?

Education Opportunities

  • Some of the best education available in real estate comes from REALTOR® associations.
  • It tends to be professionally-oriented rather than sales-oriented.
  • Volunteers have input into the courses and designations that come to the associations.

Exposure to Different Business Practices

  • Seeing how other professionals from other companies do business can expand your breadth of knowledge.
  • It’s impossible to avoid seeing how other people run their businesses.
  • Volunteers can learn about other areas of expertise, potentially expanding their income potential.

Networking Opportunities

  • The surest way to succeed in business is to surround yourself with people who are already succeeding.
  • Everyone likes making friends.
  • Get to know business partners before you hire someone off of Google. These partners tend to be more entrenched in the business and more ready to work with REALTORS® to earn their business.

Increased Visibility in the Marketplace

  • Agents are more likely to treat other agents fairly or give them an edge in a negotiation if they know them already (or at least know of them).
  • Showing the public association involvement is an excellent marketing tactic.

Knowledge of What’s Coming Up Before It Hits the Mainstream

  • Customers base their opinions of agents on education, market knowledge, and proficiency. The ability to demonstrate even cursory knowledge of upcoming trends can be enough to induce a member of the public to work with a REALTOR®.
  • Agents who know what’s coming down the road can make sure they’re in compliance with changing laws and make sure their business practices are ready for market shifts.
  • Volunteers have the ability to give input into legislation, regulation, MLS offerings, association events, and more.

Resume Padding

  • A history of REALTOR® association work can set a REALTOR® apart while customers are shopping for agents.
  • Committee work is viewed favorably by the public and can bolster resumes that are shorter in work or professional experience.
  • Association involvement increases hire-ability and the broker’s desire to retain involved agents.

Sense of Belonging

  • Real estate can be a lonely business; involvement in the association community can help agents make friends and create rapport with each other.
  • Association involvement can contribute to a sense of identity for newer agents.
  • Agents who are involved in associations tend to be active in real estate longer than those who aren’t, primarily because of the built-in support systems.

Community Involvement

  • Associations are very involved in charitable work; association involvement can provide a roadmap to those agents who want to give back but don’t know how.
  • Involvement in REALTOR® community events creates opportunities to meet like-minded people in the community, which can directly lead to new opportunities.
  • The old saying ‘quit complaining and start a revolution’ is custom tailored for REALTOR® associations. Associations have the clout, the relationships, and the funds to make real legislative change.

Better Income

  • Involved REALTORS® tend to have higher take-home pay due to better business practices and increased proficiency.
  • Different perspectives on what’s happening in the market can lead to new business opportunities that would be invisible to agents not ‘in the know.’

… most importantly, tell YOUR association story!

  • Give specific examples of something the agent can relate to that happened to you because of your involvement.
  • Create an emotional reason why stepping into involvement makes sense.
  • Introduce agents to a peer you think has the potential to become a role model or trusted colleague of the agent.
  • Recommend specific committees or events you think might interest the agent.