RASM member and Florida REALTORS® 2020 President Barry Grooms is deeply rooted in our Association’s commitment to better serve our communities. His father, a member of the Greatest Generation, instilled in him this civic duty to serve, and Barry himself, wants you to serve alongside your fellow Realtors® to drive the conversation and change in our state.

Members can “enlist” or sign up for committee service between March 1 and May 1, 2019.

“As the largest trade association in Florida with a membership of 187,000, and the second largest state association in the country, we need the talent and the commitment of Realtors from all across the state, and from all different types of brokerages,” says Florida Realtors 2020 President Barry Grooms. “From the mega-board to the small board, we have representation on committees. And whether you are an agent or broker/owner of a boutique firm, independent or franchise, we need your input. We want you to be the changemakers.”

Members can now sign up to help by serving on a Florida REALTORS® committee next year. The 2020 Online Committee request system can be found at floridarealtors.org/serve and will close on May 1, 2019.

“Our association’s commitment to preserve and protect Florida’s environment came about from members engaging and driving change at the municipal level, within Florida REALTORS® legislative think tank and on up. In 2019, the state legislature, and Cabinet have heard our concerns loud and clear. This is an example of what an engaged electorate can do,” says Grooms. “REALTORS® drove home the importance of water issues across the state, and this is just one focus area. I encourage you to find your passion and engage.”

When signing up for Florida REALTORS® committees, members are encouraged to read the 2020 committee descriptions. Please note that Florida REALTORS® bylaws and policies dictate the structure of some committees, so space may be limited.

Your profession is our business. Sign up. Be a changemaker.