Everything we do and everything we are as an organization is dedicated to rocket RASM REALTORS® to Reach Further.™ Our brand promise is our “why.” As our tagline expresses—every program, experience and member of RASM can Reach Further.™ But there’s one catch – you have to jump in. Participate. Capture that value we’re developing for you. This is your association. Your future.

2022 marks a tremendous milestone for RASM. It’s our Centennial Anniversary. The 2015 merger of Manatee Association of REALTORS® and Sarasota Association of REALTORS® brought an intersection of cultures, areas of service and you – our members. With a growing membership of over 8,300 REALTORS®, we are considered a mega board. As such, our size and strength bring the greatest responsibility – empowering our members.

Our vision of becoming one of the most “innovative and relevant associations that elevates the standards of professional excellence and is critical to our members’ success while providing value to our community” transcends time. This is our gauntlet. And our focus.

We empower and engage our REALTOR® community. We anticipate our members’ needs and provide services, resources, education and experiences that elevate member success.

We continue to adapt as the real estate market changes and members’ needs evolve. Our direct-to-consumer campaign is one example of how RASM creates value to both members and consumers in our communities. A robust, hyper-local consumer campaign uses local media and digital assets to drive awareness to the REALTOR® brand. We leverage a multi-channel strategy to position every member with professionalism, resourcefulness, transparency, equity, advocacy and trust. We’re just getting started.

This year we will launch a new website to be a clearinghouse of information and an experience that delights RASM members. You will have easy access to relevant content—where you need it and how you want to consume it. RASM training and education opportunities advance your ability while broadening your network. Our staff, ambassadors and leaders enhance our member-driven community with continued broker and agent outreach. RASM is led by top producers who pay it forward to inspire and challenge every member to achieve more. We continue to bolster our advocacy efforts, political candidates and elected officials who support REALTORS® and consumer rights.

When we asked members and staff where RASM will be in another 100 years, we heard one expression over and over. RASM will be where it has always been, at the forefront of the real estate industry—adaptable to members and the market—supporting you every step to be the best professional you aspire to be. Brokerage models, disruptors and technology will always change. But our commitment to your productivity, profitability and professionalism is a constant.

In the future, we do not know if RASM REALTORS® will one day be on the moon or beyond thrusting to Mars. However, you can count on us to provide another 100 Years of Impact. Whether you’re just getting started in real estate or you’re a seasoned pro, we thank you for your membership and ask you to think of membership as “action” at RASM. Hit the ignition and be ready to blast off. 2022 is the beginning of our next 100 years.

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