Code of Ethics

Live by the Code

The Code of Ethics and Standard of Practices are not just a set of lofty ideals. REALTORS® are devoted to practicing these principles in every interaction —it’s a way of life.

The Code of Ethics has existed for over 100 years. As members of RASM, REALTORS® are required to conduct business in a manner that follows a higher standard than mandated by law.

What’s more, the Code of Ethics is a living document. It is continuously reviewed and amended to reflect societal changes and exceed clients’ needs and professional practices among REALTORS®.

A REALTOR® earns their title through commitment to:

  • Competency
  • Fairness
  • High Integrity

Commitment to these principles is what separates REALTORS® from other state-licensed real estate agents. Your REALTOR® promises to treat you with integrity and conduct business at the highest level of professional standards.

Building an honest and reliable partnership with clients is a paramount goal for RASM REALTORS®. Relax about the logistics of the real estate process and lean on your REALTOR® as a trusted advisor. There is no need to go it alone.

Finally, the Code of Ethics is not an empty list of promises. The National Association of REALTORS® has established an accountability process which enables anyone to file a Code of Ethics violation complaint. Though it is rare, rest assured there is a consequence for any RASM REALTOR® who violates the Code of Ethics—it’s that important to consumers and the industry.

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