Honoring our Environment with Earth-Friendly Living

You care about the environment and ensuring its health.

Choosing to purchase or sell a Certified Green Home is evidence of your commitment to the environment.

Homes must meet Florida Green Building Coalition rigid standards to be a Certified Green Home.  There are many benefits with going green beside preserving the environment.

Other advantages of green home ownership are enhanced resale appreciation, operation affordability, indoor air quality, durability and greater access to mortgage money.

We have RASM Green Designation Realtors® who share your dedication to earth friendly construction and sustainable living. They have completed additional education, training and demonstrated experience to earn this certification.

You want the best home that’s environmentally conscientious. Collaborate with a Green Designated Realtor® who has the eco-friendly values and the expertise to advise you along the way.

Contact your Green Designated Realtor® today.