Downsize and Lighten Your Load

Do you or your parents have too much house on their hands? The Designated Senior Specialist is just the person to assist you with tackling this immense decision.

Wrestling with the idea of leaving the “family home” is challenging for everyone involved. Minimize the stress of finding the perfect home that will support a retired lifestyle.

Contact a RASM Senior Specialist who has chosen to pursue this specialty and utilize their knowledge and guidance for seniors.

They are very knowledgeable about the differences in housing choices for seniors, understanding of tax laws that benefit you financially and training in probate and estate planning.

It may feel overwhelming on a lot of levels. Rest assured. A Designated Senior Specialist will collaborate with everyone working on your downsizing/relocation team.

They’ll lead you through the process, with their expert advice, contacts and professionals who can lighten the load every step of the way.

Your next step is to contact a Senior Real Estate Specialist.