Downsizing or Buying a Larger Home?

Capitalize Your Investment by Working with a RASM Seller’s Representative

The financial end is only part of the story. Your home is much more than a house. It’s filled with countless memories, selling it is an emotional process.

A RASM Seller’s Representative works directly with the property owner and is responsible for securing the best price for you. Your REALTOR® is paid at closing, their fee is usually included in the standard listing contract with the brokerage firm.

Find a Seller’s Representative who is committed to easing the process while capturing the best possible price and terms for you. Working with a RASM REALTOR®, your load is lighter because of their knowledge, experience and trustworthiness.

Your RASM REALTOR® will provide help, advice and recommendations from the market analysis, pricing, staging it for sale through the closing.

Contact your Seller’s Representative REALTOR® and begin the journey.