By emergency rule, FREC approved video conferencing of in-person courses so members may fulfill biennial license requirements, including ones for post- and pre-licensure.

ORLANDO, Fla. (April 7, 2020) – Coming soon to a computer near you: Live streaming of continuing education (CE) courses you would normally take in the classroom. Courses may be offered via Go-to Meeting, WebEx, Zoom or other video conferencing platforms available from Florida Realtors® instructors or directly through local boards.

By emergency rule, the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) yesterday approved using video conferencing of in-person courses so members may fulfill their biennial license requirements, as well as post- and pre-licensure requirements. Gov. Ron DeSantis previously extended the license renewal period to April 30, but local board/associations closed following the governor’s statewide stay-in-place order.

Florida Realtors® petitioned FREC to adopt the emergency rule.

“We believe that virtual classes provide a safe way to deliver the required courses in a way that preserves the true intent of an in-person education instrument,” said 2020 Florida Realtors® President Barry Grooms in a letter to FREC commissioners.

Local boards and Florida Realtors may offer live streaming courses through June 8. When available, virtual CE Express, REBAC, GRI and iCE courses offered by Florida Realtors will be advertised at

Local boards/associations may arrange their own virtual CE classes with instructors. Contact your local board for more information.

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