In the face of a complaint against a REALTOR®, members can agree to mediate through RASM’s Mediation Services to resolve a conflict. Mediation is an informal process conducted by a trained mediator and has proven to be a successful strategy to maintain a high standard of professionalism in our REALTOR® community. RASM is currently looking for more members to serve as trained mediators.

This is a great opportunity to get involved with your Association and support professionalism in the industry. If you have past mediation experience or a strong ability to resolve conflict, consider applying to serve as a RASM Mediator. Mediators will receive training and are asked to serve on an as-needed basis.


Who can be a mediator?

Only RASM REALTOR® members can become a mediator, ideally, someone who has served on the Professional Standards Committee at a local or state level or has experience with Ethics and Arbitrations.

Do I need experience?

Past mediation experience is a big plus, but not required. Your ability to communicate and resolve conflict is also very important. We need members with a neutral, objective and judicial temperament.

How do I get trained?

If RASM can get a large pool of mediators available to train, we will consider bringing a training program for new mediators. Florida REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS® also offers training opportunities to individual members.

What is the expected time commitment?

Mediators join a pool of mediators and would be asked to mediate Ethics and Arbitration cases as needed. The bigger the pool, the less time each mediator will be expected to mediate.

How should I “apply” to become a RASM mediator?

If you’re interested in becoming a mediator, please contact our Professional Standards Administrator at