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  • 60% of Price Surge Resulted from Remote Work September 28, 2022
    A Fed study found that every 1 percentage point increase in remote work resulted in about a 0.9 percentage point increase in housing prices.
  • Real Estate ‘Reset’ Confuses Buyers and Sellers September 28, 2022
    The Fed says its rate hikes will “reset” the housing industry, but the disruption may come largely from buyer-seller confusion. If confused, people tend to do nothing.
  • Insurers Stop for Storm – Should Return Mon. September 28, 2022
    Buyers who need property insurance to close are out of luck while a hurricane threatens Fla., but many insurers expect to start writing policies again on Mon.
  • NAR: Pending Sales Drop 2.0% in Aug. September 28, 2022
    Chief Economist Yun blames rising mortgage rates, saying the market will stabilize if “mortgage rates moderate and the economy continues adding jobs.”
  • Avoid Storm-Related Carbon Monoxide Poisoning September 28, 2022
    The U.S. consumer safety commission issued a warning: Floridians who lose power and rely on generators can die in minutes if a generator isn’t properly ventilated.
  • Background and Credit Checks May Lead to Lawsuits September 28, 2022
    Property managers and other real estate professionals should follow these steps to stay in compliance with federal and state consumer data regulations.
  • It’s Here: Answers to Many of Your Legal Hotline Questions September 28, 2022
    Florida Realtors Legal Hotline is a great resource and free member benefit, but you may not need us. Many callers ask basic-information type questions, like, “There are so many riders – which one should I use?” Here are answers to your simplest questions.
  • Ethics Complaint Rests on ‘As Soon As Practical’ September 28, 2022
    During negotiations, a listing broker created a dual (variable rate) commission arrangement on the fly and reached an agreement. But they didn’t have time to disclose that change to a potential cooperating broker. Does the Code require disclosure every single time, no matter what?
  • No Buyer Deposit = No Contract, Right? September 28, 2022
    What if a buyer and seller sign a contract but the buyer fails to submit the agreed-upon deposit?  Some Realtors think the seller is then free to relist the property – but if they call the Legal Hotline to confirm it, they find the issue isn’t quite that simple.
  • Disagreeing Realtors May Both be Right – Or Wrong September 28, 2022
    There’s often more than one way to interpret a rule. When warring sides can’t agree, it’s up to a judge, jury or panel to decide.