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  • Some Homeowners Refuse to Sell to Investors May 20, 2022
    For some sellers, it’s emotional: A beloved family home should only be sold to a family, and they’ll take less money to make it happen. Others worry about neighbors.
  • Not Just Hurricanes: Fla. Also Faces Wildfire Risks May 20, 2022 added “wildfire risk” to all listings, and while 6% of Fla. homes face a threat, that number could double by 2052, according to the rating company.
  • Agents: Buyers More Interested in ‘Green Features’ May 20, 2022
    Panhandle Realtors note an uptick in interest for energy-efficient homes, but it comes with a downside: Many homebuyers can’t afford the increased cost.
  • A Secret Stash of Leads? May 20, 2022
    Listings that expired more than a year ago may offer opportunities. Owners who didn’t sell for some reason may not realize how much equity they’ve gained since then.
  • NAR Group to Study Crypto’s Real Estate Impact May 20, 2022
    NAR’s president created a presidential advisory group (PAG) to study cryptocurrency’s growing real estate influence, suggesting, “We should consider our own platform.”
  • Fla. Man Found Guilty in Email Closing Scam May 20, 2022
    In an “email compromise scheme,” a Miami Gardens man monitored business emails, changed wiring instructions at the last minute, and stole almost $400K in closing money.
  • Survey: 25% of Buyers Now ‘Undecided’ May 19, 2022
    Inflation has changed perceptions. More potential homebuyers must now use money to pay for daily essentials, and credit card usage rose 49% in 1Q 2022.
  • More Sellers Charged Capital Gains Taxes May 19, 2022
    Sellers can shield $250K of profit from capital gains taxes, but as home values rise, some filling out their IRS forms now discover that Uncle Sam wants a cut.
  • NAR: U.S. Homes Sales Dropped 2.4% in April May 19, 2022
    Year-to-year, sales dropped 5.9%. The inventory of for-sale homes, while higher at a 2.2-months’ supply, means the U.S. remains in “seller’s market” territory.
  • Mortgage Rates Slip a Little, Down to 5.25% May 19, 2022
    “Economic uncertainty causes rate volatility,” says Freddie Mac’s chief economist. The average 30-year, fixed-rate loan moved down a bit from last week’s 5.3%.