With the recent passing of 2021 President, Adam Chicoine, 2021 President-Elect, Alex Krumm will move up to 2021 President. With Alex moving up to 2021 President, that leaves a vacancy at the 2021 President-Elect position. As a result, the Nominating Committee has moved to fill vacancies in the 2021 Officer positions.

The Nominating Committee has nominated Tony Veldkamp to move up from 2021 Vice President to fill the vacancy at the 2021 President-Elect position. In the event that Tony Veldkamp is elected, the Nominating Committee has nominated Brian Tresidder to move up to Vice President and Michael Bruno to become 2021 Treasurer as those vacancies occur.

Confirmed 2021 Officers:
President: Alex Krumm

Pending 2021 Officers:
President-Elect: Tony Veldkamp (this nomination requires a special election)
Vice President: Brian Tresidder
Treasurer: Michael Bruno

Our Bylaws require a special election to fill the vacancy for President-Elect, in accordance with our election rules. Therefore, additional qualified candidates may petition to be placed in nomination for 2021 President-Elect (job description). The deadline for petitions to be submitted is Monday, December 28, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. To obtain a petition form please click here.

RASM’s Board of Directors will confirm nominees to fill additional vacancies in the Vice President and Treasurer positions following the election of President-Elect, in accordance with our Bylaws.

After the election, the 2021 Officers and Directors will be installed at a Virtual Installation Ceremony in January (date TBA).

For further information please contact CEO, Jeff Arakelian at Jeff@MyRASM.com or 941-952-3403.