ORLANDO, Fla. (March 21, 2020) – The following statement was released by Florida REALTORS® on Saturday, March 21:

“The Florida Surgeon General has informed Florida REALTORS® of anecdotal reports of open houses with more than 10 attendees. It is essential that any open house adheres to CDC recommendations for safe social distancing.

Housing is an essential need and REALTORS® in Florida need to continue to work to provide it, but only in a safe format. Please note that yesterday, Florida REALTORS®, the Florida Land Title Association and the Florida Home Builders Association asked Gov. Ron DeSantis to consider real estate transactions and title recording essential services which should remain active, pledging to adopt steps to minimize health and safety risks for practitioners and customers.

Please ensure your social media and advertising communications do not mislead the public about access to open houses in large groups. Please institute controls to ensure no more than 10 people, including yourself, gather at one time, and keep to the required 6-feet distance between individuals.

Thank you for your cooperation.”

Juana Watkins
Florida Realtors General Counsel