Ballot Issues

RASM Government Affairs staff and committee members stay abreast of all matters which may impact our local real estate market. The team work to successfully pass the following local issues:

Amendment 2 – PASSED

Amendment 2 protects YOU by keeping a cap on annual property tax increases. Prior to the statewide cap on non-homestead property tax increases, taxes would often jump by over 10% year after year. That cap will expire December 31st. Amendment 2 makes a 10% cap permanent, protecting residents and forever removing the threat of large tax hikes.

And Amendment 2 is good for everybody! It helps communities thrive by preventing excessive property taxes, protecting renters from rent increases, and ensuring Florida remains an affordable place to live, work, and do business. To Learn more about Amendment 2, Click Here.

Change the Date Sarasota – PASSED

The Sarasota City Charter Amendment proposed we change elections from March to May in odd-numbered years to August and November in even-numbered years to coincide with federal, state and other county elections.

Changing the Date will increase voter turnout, as well as saving the taxpayers money by not having separate elections. To learn more about Change the Date Sarasota, Click Here

Sarasota County Legacy Trail Extention – PASSED

On November 6th, Sarasota County residents can vote to extend the Legacy Trail by about 6 miles to Fruitville Road. The extension will also include 2 new overpasses.

The Legacy Trail creates a safe path for people to get to work and school, and also promotes health and wellness by providing a place to be active. To learn more about “Vote Yes for the Sarasota Legacy Trail Extension” campaign, Click Here