The year 2022 is an exciting year for the REALTOR® Association of Sarasota and Manatee (RASM). The opening of our new building in Manatee County, the planning of a new member-focused website, and the celebration of 100 years in the two-county region. Notably, RASM is continuing to raise awareness to the public about the value Realtors® bring to consumers, their communities, and the real estate profession.

Our Strategic Plan charges us to “promote to the community what the value a Realtor® brings to a transaction.” Our 2020 campaign featured a “Time to Sell” theme, and we continued that theme into 2021. For our 2022 campaign, we sought to incorporate our Centennial into the campaign.


On this campaign, we are focused on encouraging consumers to work with one of RASM’s 8,300 REALTORS® in the area. With help from our agency partner, Agency McKenna, we concluded the following campaign objectives for our centennial theme.

  • Increase engagement with consumers on the benefits of “100 Years of Impact” and related sub-messaging.
  • Position REALTORS® as real people, part of the community, and a profession to look up to.
  • Demonstrate: professionalism, resourcefulness, transparency, equity, advocacy, and trust.
  • Raise awareness of the value RASM brings to REALTORS® who bring forward that same value to consumers.
  • Showcase the Association’s long-standing history


At our core, RASM has one purpose: to serve our members. And we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 100 years of this Association than showcase our members! We chose to showcase a diverse group of members through professional photography and messaging that highlights the role of all Realtors®. The creative features a photo of a RASM member with the campaign headline, a quote, and how many years they’ve been a RASM member. Most importantly, we’re showcasing everyone in this campaign with the “REALTOR®” title as their primary affiliation with our organization.

Each ad highlights a different “100 Years of” message, which is accented by the member’s quote. We chose seven messages that represent the full picture of what Realtors® provide to the community.


  • Excellence
  • Putting Clients First
  • Opening Doors
  • Unlocking Your Future
  • Transparency and Trust
  • Leadership
  • Advocacy

These messages have always been part of our organization’s 100-year history. They represent what our Association does for members, and what our members do for their customers.


The 2022 media buy includes paid placement of digital banners, email marketing, and social media ads. Our focus is to drive traffic to our Find a “REALTOR®” page where consumers can learn all about why and how to find a Realtor®. The campaign officially launched in June and will continue through to the end of 2022. Thank you to all our members who have participated in the campaign.

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