SARASOTA, Fla. (September 28, 2020) – Florida REALTORS® established an Honor Society thirty years ago to recognize members of local boards and Associations who are active in their state Association. The Honor Society also salutes members for participation at the local and national levels of the Realtor® organization; for activity in the National Association of REALTORS®, Institutes, Societies and Councils; for designations earned, educational activities, and political involvement. Statewide, several hundred select members qualified for this recognition.

The following members from RASM have achieved Honor Society recognition this year. Each recipient receives a custom-designed lapel pin. The design on the pin symbolizes homes for people, business, and industry.

1st Year
Pam Charron, Randy Huberty, Elise Jakub, Anita Lambert, Maryellen Paterson, and Brian Tresidder.

2nd Year
Jody Carlson and Sharon Gould.

3rd Year
Adam Chicoine, Julia Montei, and Steve Zeris.

5th Year
Greg Owens

6th Year
Michael Bruno, Denise Oyler, Alfreda Smith-Odato, and Stafford Starcher.

7th Year
Xena Vallone and Amy Worth.

8th Year
Roger Piro

9th Year
Rita B. Smith

10th Year
Marie Avery-Withers, David Clapp, and Joyce Steward.

11th Year
Barry Grooms and Christina Pitchford.

13th Year
Michelle Crabtree, Bill Geller, Sherry Grooms, and Kristin Triolo.

15th Year
Geri Kenyon

16th Year
Paula Cashi

19th Year
Darla Furst

25th Year
Bill Furst

The 2020 Honor Society recipients were announced during a live stream of RASM’s Annual Membership Meeting on September 23. RASM congratulates all local Honor Society recipients for their dedication and service to the Realtor® family.