Welcome to Soar

Welcome to the 2021 Soar Virtual Conference. Use this page to navigate to any sessions you missed or wish to rewatch.

9:45am - 9:55am

Welcome and Introduction

Alex Krumm, 2021 RASM President

Morning Sessions 10am - 11am


Real World Real Estate: Investing

Andy Tolbert, The Blue Jeans Broker

Addicted to HGTV and ready to flip a house? Want to build some long-term wealth through rental properties? Learn to do it the RIGHT way to protect the investment and maximize return. Andy Tolbert will discuss the pros and cons of wholesaling, retailing and rentals.


Expanding your International Partnerships

Maria Grulich , Florida REALTORS®, Director of Global Business

An update on Florida Realtors Global Business and Ideas, Tools and Resources for any Realtor wanting to build a team of global partners who can help grow, obtain and maintain international clients.


Modern Home Showing Techniques

Matt Kuchar, Owner at Showami

Showami connects buyer’s agents with showing agents who are willing to show homes for a small fee. You keep your client, your commission, and your life. You can even make a few bucks showing homes! We are a community of agents who are there to help each other.

Afternoon Sessions 11:30am - 12:30pm


Property Appraisals: Determining Values and Issues

Bill Furst, Sarasota County Property Appraiser

Sarasota County’s Property Appraiser, Bill Furst, will explain how properties are valued, Florida’s homestead issues, and portability. Don’t miss this opportunity to answer any questions you might have for our Property Appraiser.

Annette Bentley

Smart Safety Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

Annette Bentley-Reilly, Icard Merrill

Safety should be one of your top priorities for every meeting, open house, and showing you schedule. September is REALTOR® Safety Month, and with the ups and downs of the last year, the importance of keeping safety at the forefront of your mind is clear. Tune into this session for tips and tricks on how to stay safe as a real estate agent.

Margy Grant

Florida REALTORS® Update 

Margy Grant, Florida REALTORS®, CEO

This session will cover National update on antitrust attacks on the MLS, Advocacy successes on the national and state levels and updates on Florida REALTORS® products, tools, apps and services.