This session the state legislature is considering a set of important bills which protect the right to rent property on a short-term basis.  These two bills, Senate Bill 824 and House Bill 987, are now at a critical stop in the Senate Innovation, Industry and Technology Committee and the House Commerce Committee.

Your local legislators sit on one of these committees, so we need your help in contacting them and making your voice heard on this issue.  Ask them to vote YES on SB 824 and HB 987 and protect private property rights in Florida!

Over the years, cities and counties in Florida have passed dozens of ordinances that have negatively impacted short-term rentals. These include burdensome local listing requirements, mandatory inspections, and guest restrictions.

SB 824 and HB 987 would prevent local governments from unfairly targeting short-term rentals and punishing responsible property owners.  These bills would give the Department of Business and Professional Regulation the authority to regulate short-term rentals in a uniform way statewide.  And, the bills allow local governments to adopt ordinances relating to rentals – as long as they apply uniformly to all residential properties.

These bills have a challenging road ahead, and we need your help to keep them moving forward.  Take action and contact your legislator today to tell them to support private property rights!

-Florida REALTORS®