The REALTOR® Association of Sarasota and Manatee is looking for members who are committed to making a concerted effort to better our organization, the real estate industry, and the community. RASM Committees are the heart of the REALTOR® Association. The members that serve provide the talent and expertise that make us shine. You can make a difference by becoming part of the leadership team by serving on a committee or task force in 2023.

Learn, engage, and grow with RASM by getting involved in a committee! Applications open on August 19 and the deadline for submission is October 7, 2022. Click here to apply.

2023 Committees

Business Partner Committee

Review, organize, and support activities and events. Business Partner membership is required. (Meets as needed) Open to Business Partners.

Community Outreach Committee

Evaluate, recommend, and organize projects to benefit the community and enhance the image of REALTORS®. Selects community service activities for REALTORS® to volunteer time and/or donate items in need. (Meets monthly) Open to both.

Global Business Committee

Develop and implement education programs, networking events, and provide resources to prepare REALTORS® to successfully handle issues that are an integral part of working with international buyers and sellers. GBC Membership is required. (Meets monthly) Open to both.

Grievance Committee

Review ethics complaints and arbitration requests to make preliminary evaluation to determine if a Professional Standards hearing is warranted. Annual training is required. Three-year term. (Meets as needed) Open to REALTORS®.

Leadership Academy Committee

Oversees the development and implementation of the Leadership Academy program. Committee members are expected to take an active role in each phase of the program. (Meets monthly) Open to REALTORS®.

Political Action Advisory Committee

Identify opportunities for Association members to become better acquainted with candidates running for elected office. Conducts candidate interviews and recommends PAC contributions and support of candidates. (Meets as needed) Open to REALTORS®.

Professional Development Committee

Provide professional career development opportunities to enhance the skills, knowledge, and professionalism of all members. (Meets monthly) Open to both.

Professional Standards Committee

To provide hearing panels as required to hear matters of alleged unethical conduct by members or to provide arbitration to resolve a dispute between REALTOR® principals. Service for two years on Grievance Committee is a prerequisite. Annual training is required. Three-year term. (Meets as selected for each hearing) Open to REALTORS®.

Property Management Council Committee

To create a strong network of connected and well-educated property managers in Sarasota and Manatee County that uphold the REALTOR® Code of Ethics through a high standard of professionalism. (Meets every other month) Open to both.

Public Policy Committee

To address local public policy issues that affect RASM’s membership and the real estate industry generally. Recommend allocation of local issues advocacy funds to be used to support RASM public policy positions. (Meets as needed) Open to REALTORS®.

REALTOR® Attorney Joint Committee

Plan periodic legal programs for members and provide monthly articles or Q&A for ELEVATE magazine. Duty to stay current with real estate laws and FREC changes. (Meets every other month) Open to REALTORS®.

RPAC Fundraising Task Force

To fundraise and increase awareness of RPAC amongst our members. To develop and implement programs to encourage member investment in RPAC. (Meets monthly) Open to both.

RRCF Fundraising Committee

To develop and implement fundraising ideas to raise funds for the RASM REALTORS® Charitable Foundation. (Meets as needed) Open to both.

RRCF Grant Task Force

Identifies and evaluates local charitable organizations with real estate-related missions as potential grant recipients. Reviews grant proposals and makes recommendations for grants to the RRCF Board of Directors. (Meets as needed) Open to REALTORS®.

RRCF Scholarship Committee

Reviews applicants and awards annual RASM Scholarship applicants. The Committee supports the program by establishing scholarship criteria, selecting recipients, and developing recommended policy changes. May also assist any Association committee tasked with fundraising toward the Scholarship fund. Two-year term. (Meets as needed) Open to REALTORS®.

YPN Committee

To assist young real estate professionals excel in their careers by providing business, networking, leadership and volunteer opportunities to support their career development. (Meets monthly) Open to both.

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