Certified Waterfront Specialist (CWS)

With over 70 Sarasota and Manatee waterways, REALTORS® with waterfront background and experience are in high demand. There are specific considerations and criteria that a REALTOR® must know, and knowledge they must have when dealing with buying and selling waterfront property. This course will cover many of these considerations, the aspects, legalities, pitfalls and advantages of working with waterfront property. Dive deep into topics that are specific to this specialty and become a Certified Waterfront Specialist and local expert.

In this class, students will learn:

  • Different types of waterfront properties.
  • Knowledge of bridge heights, tides and water depths.
  • Docks & Seawalls – What you can do, can’t do, need to look into, permitting process, ability to rebuild, etc.
  • Riparian Rights & Water Use Rights – As an upland owner, what do you have the right to do?
  • What does an upland owner mean, etc.
  • Waterfront & Bathymetric Surveys: What you need included on your survey request (riparian lines, dune system, mean high waterline, water depths,
    existence of seagrasses, etc.)
  • Coastal Construction/Remodels & Variances: Adding on to existing waterfront property, tearing down and building from scratch, building on vacant land.
  • Environmental Considerations
  • FARBAR Contract considerations for buyers and sellers (due diligence periods, disclosures, CCCL disclosure, etc.)
  • 50% Rule – we’d bring in an appraiser to get into the nitty-gritty of these appraisals and how the process works.
  • Flood Insurance – what’s covered, what’s not. How much coverage should one have?
  • FEMA Letter of Map Revision and FEMA Letters of Map Amendments – when does a property meet the criteria to apply for flood map revision and potentially bring the structure out of a flood zone or have it reduced?

To obtain the certification you must:

  1. Complete RASM’s 6 Hour Class and earn a score of 70 or more on the written exam.
  2. Complete Application and submit Application fee ($20).
  3. To qualify for the certification, an applicant must have 2 qualifying waterfront transactions in the past 24 months.

Upon completion, the certified agent will receive the following benefits:

  • Use of the CWS (Certified Waterfront Specialist) acronym, name, and logo.
  • Access to RASM’s waterfront resources.
  • Name listed in the RASM’s CWS database.


Abygael Carlin Brooks Eugene Smith Kristine H Niehaus Peter West
Alexander Walker Fred Sassen Lawrence Lonson Puntaree Steele
Amanda Bray Harriet Stopher Linda M Zuffa Rebecca Samler
Ashley Nevadomski Heidi Johnson Linda Ren Richard Johnson
Carole Muscat Jackie Eberley Lisa A Matthews Robert Burks
Cassidy Calman Jennifer Williams Lisa A Sebastian Sandra Lynn Price
Celinda Moore Scollo Jessica Bow Lisa Garcia Scott Robert Haddow
Christa Spalding John Brink Lorna Yankee Sherry C Adams
Colleen Finnegan Jon Marc Swift Marian Walsh Stephen James Velliquette
David P Clapp Jordan Chancey Mary Beth Hudson Tamara Currey
Diane Fogo Harter Julia Montei Melinda Vass Thomas W Hedge SR
Dianne Altieri Julianna Tremblay Nathan Butrum Tina Rudek Stark
Douglas Figgins Kathleen Margaret Cintron Pamela Modisett Tonya Miller-Turczyn
Elizabeth DeArmond Kristen Marie Haines Pamela Pileggi Wendy Lu Kesslak