Global Business Council

GBC 2019 Webpage LogoThe Global Business Council is made up of members of the Association who realize that we live in a global economy and that working with international clients is a daily part of the real estate business. They understand the importance of being educated and informed about the issues that impact foreign buyers and sellers. We encourage RASM members to work together to build “teams” of experts to professionally assist with all aspects of these transactions.

GBC Recognition Program 2022

The Global Business Council Recognition Award is granted annually to RASM members who have demonstrated a commitment to incorporating international business and education into their real estate practice, and supporting global initiatives of RASM, Florida REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®. Awards will be announced during the Global Holiday Party on December 1st and published in an upcoming article in ELEVATE Magazine.

To apply for the GBC Recognition Award, click here.

GBC provides education and business building opportunities. We offer seminars, networking, and courses necessary to achieve a higher level of expertise in the global real estate market.

The mission of the GBC is to provide networking, marketing, education, and technological opportunities to its members in order to enhance their success in conducting business in a global real estate market.

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There are many useful resources available to you as a global business person. Here are just a few to get you going